Nike Air Jordan 1 High is one of the most popular sneakers by Jordan brand. 

The shoe sells out when it drops and has a huge demand in the market.

With big demand comes big responsibility, there’s a large number of fake pairs of Nike Air 1 Highs getting better everyday and getting close to the original pairs. It’s a pain to Legit Check a.k.a your Jordans but we have a way where you can LC all your Nike Air Jordan 1 Highs and say no to Fufus..

There are varieties of Nike Air Jordan 1 Highs which are:

Nike Air Jordan 1 High

Nike Air Jordan 1 High OG

Nike Air Jordan 1 High OG ’85

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Cmft

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High 

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

Nike Air Jordan 1 KO

The best part about Nike Air Jordan 1 Highs is that they have these minimal changes and different names to make the product exclusive and keep fakes a distance away from it.

Majority of the Air Jordan 1 Highs have the same legit checking methods because of the same details. 

Here is everything you need to know about, “How To Legit Check Air Jordan 1 High” guide for completely free.


The Air Nike, the frontal part shows the Air Nike branding.

Fonts of Air Nike should be symmetrical and broad, while the fake font is thinner and the shape of this font is poor.

The font of the  tongue tag of Air Jordan 1 High should not be thin, usually the fonts on the replica/fake pairs are often thin which throw a cheap loop.

The fonts should also be clear. As an example the font “A” in the alphabet China is clearly seen in an original pair but when it comes to a fake pair the A is not clear.


The silhouette/shape of the Air Jordan 1 matters alot when it comes to legit checking the shoe. While performing LC always check the silhouette of the Jordans, check that they are bulky and not skinny. Most of the replica/fake sneakers have the wrong shape.

Hourglass Shape

The heel to collar of the Nike Air Jordan 1 is very important. Always check the shape is close to hourglass and not just straight. It should have slight curves on the heel and the collar rare of Jordan 1 Highs.

Wings Logo

The Jumpman logo plays an important role while legit checking. 

The famous wings logo should be distinctly embossed. The paint on the wings logo should be a little shiny (not necessarily every pair to have).

The “R” & “D” of Jordan in the wings logo should connect each other as shown in the images.

The “™” symbol font should be a little thick and visible, not weak and it should be on the right side of the wings logo..{Fun fact: If your pair is an Air Jordan High ‘85 OG cut it will not be having a “™” symbol}


The swoosh is the highlight of the shoe, the swoosh of the Air Jordan 1 give the shoe its identity.

The swoosh of the shoe should be pointy, thick and not flat.

It is an instant catch out that the pair is legit or fake. It’s the first and the most important detail that makes the pair legit.

Fake pairs often have pale swoosh which are thin and off in shape and it makes the shoe appear fake on the spot.

Toe Box

The toe box should be bulky and it should have even cuts from both the sides . 

Usually the toe boxes of the replicas/fake pairs are unsymmetrical and easy to catch.

The toe box of the shoe has perforations, these perforation should be again symmetrical in shape. These perforation holes should not be too thin or too wide.

The reference image will clear most of your doubts.


The box of the Air Jordan 1 High should be thick and firm and colour of the boxes changes if the pair is a collaboration but usually it comes as a black box with red fonts.

The tag of the box is important to check the size, Air Jordan 1 font and the barcode. Fonts should be visible and thick. Replicas often have a thin label and the label might even be faded. The fake pair box will be thin and fonts would be asymmetrical.

YouTube Video

Legit Check Air Jordan 1 High

We also made a video on “How to legit check Travis Air Jordan 1” It explains everything in brief on legit checking an Air Jordan 1 High from heel to toe everything.

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