Shah Rukh Khan Blew Jordan Sneakers In Disney+ Hotstar Commercial

Shah Rukh Khan a.k.a. SRK, The King of Bollywood, is the most successful actor, and entrepreneur. King Khan is not only one of the finest actors but also the most charming personality of Bollywood. On September 22nd Disney+ Hotstar released a series of advertisements with Shah Rukh Khan.

The advertisement went viral like all other commercials of Khan but this one was different. Our team at Off Kicks Inc observed that Shah Rukh Khan was wearing a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 in the commercial of Disney+ Hotstar. He was not wearing just one but two different pairs of Nike Air Jordan 1 in the commercials. In the first advertisement he was wearing a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Electro Orange which had a resell of ₹16,500 and in the second commercial King of Bollywood was wearing was the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mocha which had a resell value of ₹40,000.

Shah Rukh Khan in Air Jordan 1 High Mocha

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Now, just a few months after the commercial the value of these limited edition sneakers peaked up. The value of Nike Air Jordan 1 Electro Orange which was ₹16,500 went up to ₹32,000. It doubled in just a few months which happens very rarely with sneakers. The second sneaker that Khan was wearing was The Nike Air Jordan 1 Mocha which had a resell value of ₹40,000 but now is reselling for ₹60,000 again the value increased to almost double the value.

Air Jordan 1 High Electro Orange Price Before and After

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Whenever an influential personality wears a collectible sneaker the value of the product shoots the sky. We have seen Travis Scott and the influence on him with sneakers. It’s different than Shah Rukh since Travis has a collaboration with Nike Brand but we all are aware of the resell value and returns Travis Scott’s sneakers give. His brand Cactus Jack is a sellout anything he sells people are ready to pay 2x-3x times more than the retail price.

King Khan is that influential personality that did the same as Travis, the sneaker value rose double the resell value. Apart from sneakers, he was wearing a Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5968A, the market value of the watch today is ₹37,50,000/- (Money Clicking Sound Intensifies…) 🤑💸

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Shah Rukh Khan can wear a sneaker and double its value, he’s also the guy who pulls up in a Patek Philippe Aquanaut worth 2 Crores. He is not only the King of Bollywood but we also would love to declare him The King of Drip 🌊

Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie “Pathaan” is going to release next year and we can’t wait to see more of his amazing outfits and talk about it.

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