Why SNKRs Air Jordan 1 Are Getting Expensive In India?

Nike SNKRs is an exclusive gateway for all the limited drops from Nike.

Air Jordan 1 is one of the biggest sneakers among sneakerheads, hypebeasts and even people who don’t know a lot about sneakers can recognise a pair of Air Jordan 1’s.

Air Jordan 1 is one of the main silhouettes among sneakerheads all around the world. The shoe which was created in 1985 and worn by Michael Jordan is something everyone wants to get their hands on. Even the low and the mid variation of the Air Jordan 1 have a huge market as people just want their hands on a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

This blog will be a guide for the new sneakerheads on how to buy the Air Jordan 1 in any of the variations for retail.

There are a lot of places these days where Air Jordan 1 releases online and offline. 

Some places have first come, first served and some also have raffles for the pairs but to get your hands on a pair you have to be quick and lucky as well.

Nike SNKRs

Source: App Store

SNKRs India one of the first sites which come to our mind, where you can check out the Nike sneakers release calendar and be prepared by checking out the release dates and for those who live in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. People can also follow the Instagram pages of the stores in their areas to see when they are releasing a pair of Jordan 1’s in their stores.

If you want to get lucky and want to get a pair of Jordan 1’s on SNKRs and wish to defeat the bots and resellers one of the best ways is to regularly buy things from the Nike app and keep on trying as this way the system starts recognising you as a regular customer of Nike and gives you better chances. 

Veg Non Veg

Source: Instagram

Veg Non Veg is one of the most famous sneaker retail stores in India by Anand Ahuja and Superkicks which also have their websites and stores in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and some other places in India. These retail chains also post the release of most of the Air Jordan 1’s on their Instagram page and also let the people know how they are gonna release them and at what time they are gonna release them either online or in-store release or if it’s a special Jordan 1 they might also have a raffle for it.

Superkicks India

Source: Instagram

One other way of getting a chance to secure a pair of Jordan 1’s is to continuously join the giveaways and raffles organised by resale pages as they give you a great variety of options and if you win you get to choose your favourite colourway in your size.

Since the last few years, many countries have faced delays in shipping of Nike sneakers so if you are desperate to cop a pair of 1’s. You should surely be checking out the retail stores once in a while as you might be lucky enough to find them. 

Recently, the prices of Air Jordan 1 highs have changed from Rs 14,495/- to 15,495/-, mids from Rs 9,995/- to 11,995/- and the lows from Rs 8,995/- to 9695/- this is happening because of multiple reasons like the change in inflation and shortages of supply since the pandemic and other economical reasons. Though Nike and Jordan brands faced backlash for the increase in their prices by many this doesn’t mean the sneakers are not gonna be sold out as it isn’t gonna stop the hype train as the number of sneaker enthusiasts increases the pairs will continue to be sold out. 

Copping Jordans in India is not as easy as it was back in the day. After covid-19 many resellers have got into reselling and buying Jordans just got more difficult. At Off Kicks Inc we don’t just make content for our audience but we also sell sneakers at the cheapest price in the market.

You can request us/make an inquiry about any sneaker you are looking to get on our website or you can even hit us on Instagram.

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