Sellers Policy

- Your item must be delivered to us for a legitimate check before you may sell with us.

- After we have verified and validated the legitimacy of your item, we will provide you with an evaluation and suggest a selling price

- A commission will be set once we've decided on a selling price.- Post this, it will be listed online within 3-7 days.

- The item must be stocked with us for a minimum period of 30 days, post which the product can be called back, either picked up or upon paying the shipping fee.

- If you want to call for the item back earlier than 30 days, there will be a mandatory early withdrawal fee of INR 1,999/-.

- If the item turns out to be fake, there will be a fee of INR 1500/- to send it back.

- By consigning a product with us, you acknowledge that it may or may not sell.

- Upon the sale of an item, we will deduct our agreed-upon commission, and send you the money by bank transfer, cheque, or cash. 

- The payout can take 1-3 weeks to complete.